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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter D

Dad's Army More about Dad Barmy

Daffadown Dilly More about Daffadown Dilly Silly

Daft and Barmy More about Daft and Barmy Army

Daily Mail More about Daily Mail Tale

Dairylea More about Dairylea Wee
'I need a Dairylea'

Daisy Dancers More about Daisy Dancers Stairs

Daisy Roots More about Daisy Roots Boots

Dame Edna Everidge More about Dame Edna Everidge Drink (beverage)
'Me and the lads are off down the Rat and Parrot for a few Dame Edna's'

Dame Judy Dench More about Dame Judy Dench Stench

Damian Duff More about Damian Duff Rough
'That birds a bit Damian ain't she'

Damien Hirst More about Damien Hirst First (class degree)
'I've only gone and got a bloody Damien Hirst!'

Dancing Bears More about Dancing Bears Stairs
'Get up those Dancing Bears right now!'

Dancing Fleas More about Dancing Fleas Keys

Dangermouse More about Dangermouse Spouse

Daniel Fergus (McGrain) More about Daniel Fergus (McGrain) Train
'What time's the next Daniel Fergus?'

Danny Glover More about Danny Glover Lover
'How's my little Danny'

Danny La Rue More about Danny La Rue Clue
'You ain't got a Danny La Rue mate'

Danny Marr More about Danny Marr Car

Darky Cox More about Darky Cox Box

Darren Gough More about Darren Gough Cough

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