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English to Slang letter W

Wager John Major

Wager John Major
'Care to put a little john major on that?'

Wages Rock of Ages

Wages Cat and Cages

Wages Greengages

Waistcoat Charlie Prescot

Waiter Hot Potato

Wales Canterbury Tales

Walk Ball of Chalk
'Missed the bus, I'll 'ave to Ball of Chalk. '

Walk Bowl of chalk

Walk Penn'orth of chalk
'Take a penn'orth, let me get on with me bloody job.'

Wander Jane Fonda
'Off for a Jane Fonda on the dancefloor'

Wash Bish Bash Bosh
'I've got to go and have a Bish Bash Bosh!'

Wash Bob Squash

Wash Lemon Squash
'Gotta ave a quick lemon'

Watch Kettle and Hob
'Nice new Kettle you're wearing mate.'

Watch Kettle and Hob

Watch Bottle of Scotch

Watch Gordon and Gotch

Water Fisherman's Daughter

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