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English to Slang letter S

Sack Tin Tack
'Got the Tin Tack this morning. Now I'm on the Rock'n'Roll again.'

Safe Adam Faith
'Let's put in our money in the Adam Faith, there's some right dodgy chancers in this hotel.'

Saloon Bar Balloon Car

Sandals Roman Candles
'Why are you wearing those Romans?'

Sargy (Sargeant) Onion Bhaji
'Meet our new bhaji'

Sarnie Georgio Armani
'Poppin' out for a quick Georgio Armani'

Sarnie (Sandwich) Reg Varney
'Oi, get us a Bacon Reg.'

Sauce Rocking Horse
'I'd like some Rocking Horse on my beef'

Sauce Rocking Horse

Sauce Inspector Morse
'Got any Inspector?'

Sauce Dead Horse

Sauce Air Force
'Do you wan't any Air Force on yer chips luv?'

Saw Bear's Paw

Say so Cocoa

Scar Mars Bar

Scarf Centre Half
'It's a bit taters I'll wear my centre half'

Scary Mariah Carey

School Jah Rule
'I'm quittin Jah cos it's a James Hunt'

Score Hampden Roar
'You know the Hampden'

Score Bobby Moore

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