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English to Slang letter H

Hair Alf Garnett
'Been in the barbers to get something done about me Alf Garnett'

Hair Barnet Fair
'Look at your barnet! Council cut it for yer?'

Hair Bonney Fair

Hair Fred Astaire
'You had your Fred done?'

Hair Tony Blair

Hair Yogi Bear
'Brush your Yogi Bear'

Hair on (from Aaron, as in keep your hair on) Elvis
'For god's sake calm down! Keep your Elvis!'

Haircut Chicker

Hairy Bloody Mary
'God she's Bloody Mary'

Half (a pint) Cow and Calf

Half (an ounce of drugs) Rory McGrath
'Two Henrys make a Rory'

Half a dollar Half An Oxford Scholar

Hammer Franz Klammer
'Pass me the Franz Klammer'

Hand German Band

Hands Jazz Bands
'My Jazz Bands are cold'

Hands Elastic Bands

hands Brass Bands

Hands Brighton Sands

Hangover Ben Dover
'I've Got Such A Bad Ben Dover.'

Hansome Marilyn Manson
'Your looking Marilyn Manson today'

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