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English to Slang letter G

Gamble Glen Campbell
'Go on son, take a Glen.'

Gamble Naomi Campbell
'I wouldn't buy that car - it looks like a bit of a Naomi Cambell.'

Gamble Sol campbell
'Coming for a Sol Campbell'

Garage Steve Claridge

Garden Osama Bin Laden
'Look at the mess of my Osama.'

Garden Bin Laden
'I'm gonna spend the afternoon in the old Bin Laden'

Gargle (drink) Arthur Scargill

Gear (cocaine) Brighton Pier
'Get us a dolls pram of Brighton Pier'

Geezer Bacardi Breezer
'Awight me old Bacardi'

Geezer Fridge Freezer

Geezer Ice Cream Freezer
'Do you know Phil, the fat Ice Cream?'

Geezer Julius Caesar

Geezer Lemon Squeezer

German Ben Sherman

Giggles Flight Lieutenant Biggles

Gin Ann Boleyn
'You have a Gold Watch, I'll have an Anny'

Gin Needle and Pin

Gin Mother's Ruin

Gin Nose and Chin

Gin Vera Lynn

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