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English to Slang letter F

Face Bib and Brace
Shut your Bib and Brace.

Face Boat Race
Shut yer bloomin' boat!

Face Chevy Chase
'E's got ketchup all over 'is Chevy Chase

Face Hale and Pace
What's wrong with your Hale and Pace?

Face Ricky Gervais
The geezer had claret all over his Ricky

Face (Brendan Grace was an Irish comedian) Brendan Grace
Don't forget to wash your Brendan Grace

Fag Oily Rag

Fake Ricki Lake

Fake Sexton Blake

Farahs (trousers) Bows and Arrows
Put on me bows and arrers

Fare Grey Mare

Farmer Arnold Palmer

Fart False Start
Mate, I just False Started.

Fart Cupid's Dart
Oops, I just let out a little Cupid's Dart

Fart Raspberry Tart

Fart Horse and Cart

Fart Horse and Cart
Ooof wot a horse mate

Fart Jam Tart
Cor that Jam stinks.

Fart Joe Hart

Fart ('Orse and Cart) Orson

Fat (from the children's TV programme) Postman Pat
You're a bit Postman

Favour Cheesey Quaver
Do us a cheesey quaver.

Favour Cheesey Quaver
Mate, can you do me a Cheesey Quaver?

Fax Nails and Tacks

Feel Orange Peel

Feel Jellied Eel

Feet Plates of Meat
Me Plates are killin' me!

Fever Robinson and Cleaver

Fib Maurice Gibb
Oi, you tellin' a Maurice?

Fifty Nifty

Fighter Typewriter

Fine (as in nice body!) Calvin Klein
Oi Oi you're Clvin Kein!

Finger Mal Meninga

Fingers Longers and Lingers

Fingers Melody Lingers
I had to give up the violin; my Melodies were too short.

Fingers Bell Ringers

Fire Ave Maria

Fire Jeremiah

Fire Obediah

First (class degree) Damien Hirst
I've only gone and got a bloody Damien Hirst!

First (especially as in degree result) Geoff Hurst

Fish Lilian Gish

Fist Oliver Twist

Fist (Duke of York = Fork = Fist) Duke of York
Put your Dukes up

Fit Brad Pitt
Cor, shes Brad Pitt.

Five Jack's Alive

Fiver Minnie Driver
He owes me a Minnie.

Fiver Pam Shriver

Fiver (five pounds) Sky Diver

Fix Two and Six
I'm in a right Two and Six.

Fix Hans Blix
I'm in a bit of a Hans.

Flaps Bacon Baps

Flares (wide bottom trousers) Lionel Blair

Flash Harry Dash
Don't get Harry Dash son!

Flash Harry Dash

Flat French Plait
Do you fancy coming back to my French Plait for a bevi?

Flea Jenny Lee

Flicks Stevie Nicks
What's on a the Stevie this week?

Flies Morecombe & Wise

Floor Rory O'Moore

Flour Happy Hour
Go dahn the Frog and Toad and buy me a bag of Happy Hour would'ya?

Flower Early Hour

Flowers Early Hours

Flowers April Showers

Flu Alan Pardew
I've got a bad case of the alan!

Flush Snow and Slush

Fly Steak and Kidney Pie

Flying Squad Sweeney Todd

Food In the Nude

Fool Garden Tool
All my life people have taken me for a Garden Tool.

Fork Duke of York

Fork Roast Pork

Four of a Kind Cheese Rind

Freak Ancient Greek
This geezer, he's a right Ancient Greek.

Freezer Bacardi Breezer
I'll just stick it in the Bacardi.

Frenchies (people from France) Park Benches
There's a load of park benches over there.

Fridge Lightning Ridge
Have a look in the Lightning Ridge.

Fridge Stamford Bridge
Get us a beer out the Stamford.

Frown James Brown
You gotta turn that James Brown upside down!

Frown Barry Brown
Stop Barry Brownin'

Fruit of the Loom Mop and Broom
Get yer mops on

Funny Easter Bunny
You think you're so bloody Easter Bunny

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