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Bob Murray. Where's the lav, I need a Betty! Hans Blix. Tom Hanks. He who dares, wins! Hounslow Heath. He who dares, wins! Billie Piper. Pass us the Royal Navy. He´s a Canary. Bird Lime. As the actress said to the bishop. Chevy Chase. As the actress said to the bishop. Gary Abblett. Roman Candles. Get us a beer out the Stamford. He who dares, wins! Without a Brussels Sprout mate.

bubble gum. Can you Adam and Eve it? Orange and Pear. German Fighter. He who dares, wins! Bristol and West. He who dares, wins! Jungle Jim. Can be used against any jokers, e. g My manager is a bit of a 'Gordon'. Put some Donald on me Baydon. Eggs and Kippers. As the actress said to the bishop. Nicker. As the actress said to the bishop. Native New Yorker. Liza Minnelli.

Cheers mate all the hairy chest. Wrigley's Gum. Stewart Granger. Dry away those Britney Spears. Annie May Wong. Horse and Trap. Viva la France, as they say in Rome. Dead Loss. Malcolm X. Bow and Arra. You know it makes sense. He's gone a bit Lara Croft. Unscheduled Meeting. Perpetual (Loser). Shut that bleedin' Roger Moore. Jay-Z. Boracic Lint. Cushti. You know it makes sense. You know it makes sense.

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