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Sandra the Cockney Librarian

I'm gonna get Benny'd up. Trouble and Strife. When's the Les Dennis on? James Brown. I'll have a pint of Tex. Brussels Sprout. For god's sake calm down! Keep your Elvis! Otis Redding. Two pints of bitter and a Lahdi please. Harry Flint. That is well Roland Rat. Donnie Darko. I've had a french egg. Becks and Posh. That bird's barnet must be an Irish jig. Garden Tool. As any one seen my Bamboo's?

Ooh I had a bad case of the Zachary Scotts last week. . Mandy Dingle. Nice Pins darlin'! Duck and Dive. Thats a wicked jelly tot on your boat. Two and Eight. I'm so boracic I can't even pay me Burton. Andy Pandy. Had the Vauxhall Novas around last night. Wormwood Scrubs. 'aven't got a Scooby mate. Happy Hour. You silly Gilly Mint. Ones and Twos. Could you lend me a Monkey?

Gonna watch String o' beads tonight. Listerine. You got a Vicar's of that skunk mate? Simon Schamas. Its your Rolls. Posh and Becks. Right little Bobby Dylan. Lump of Lead. I'm gonna spend the afternoon in the old Bin Laden. Bill Roffie. Get us a pint of Uri. Jimmy Giraffe. I just got kicked in the Rabbit 'Utch. Cheesey Quaver. He's got the right Jeremy. Mandy Dingle. The guy on the floor was totally Donnie Darko'd.

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