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Sandra the Cockney Librarian

Calm down, don't get too Sheffield! Leave it out, mate. Bram Stoker. Go put your Barackas, eh? Cilla Black. Lovely jubbly! Bobble Hat and Scarf, ur having a laugh. Any Stewart of getting served? Blue Peter. Got into a right Barney last night. . Lovely jubbly! Alan Minter. Let me tell you a Morning Glory. Going for a Fred. Leave it out, mate. Tit For Tat. Me girlfriend's on the George Michael.

Me and me Lemon Curd Heavenly Bliss all the time. Fancy a bit of Acker in yer Kiki? He who dares, wins! Bonnie and Clyde. Ringo Starr. Is that bird still mandy dingle? You know it makes sense. Fur rugs. K Y Jelly. He who dares, wins! I'll sort out a few Patsy's mate. The Runner Bean Was On Telly. Apple Fritter. You know it makes sense. Fancy a bill roffie mate?

Mate, this journey's well Donkey Kong. Been down the fang-wrencher's to get me Hounslow Heath fixed. He who dares, wins! Liz Hurley. Camel's Hump. Get that freezer on the Arbeloa, we need to talk. You know it makes sense. Burton-On-Trent. Wind and Kite. He who dares, wins! Go dahn the Frog and Toad and buy me a bag of Happy Hour would'ya? I'm going to the Pedal & Crank.

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