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(In snooker) He's goin' for the Marti! Bin Laden. Just going for sausage and mash. Jet Fighter. I'd like some Isle of Skye. Right Said Fred. Look at the Prince's on her. Austin Power. You're sitting on my Alice Bands! Gold Watch. Give us a puff of the ding dong. Bacon Rind. Keep away he's a Fester! Sunny Dancer. Lend us a Speckled son. Postman Pat. I only give the John West mate.

It was a right Weston-super-Mare I can tell you! Bristol and West. Can you lend us an Ayrton Senna mate? I've run out of Bees and Honey. Penn and Teller. Emile Hesky should stay on the Judy. Sausage and Mash. Cup of Rosie luv? Intercity. He owes me a Minnie. Hale and hearty. She's popped a wet and wild. Brendan Grace. I'll have a pint of Keith. Ronald de Boer.

Where's my Bill and Ben. Screaming Lord Sutch. Poppin' down the post office for my Man From Cairo. James Brown. He's on the Old King Cole. Uncle Gus. Excuse me, I'd like to book a Betty Grable. Keith Cheggers. Want some Joe Blake mate? Sol Campbell. I'm going to score some kisses and hugs. Small Geezers. Are you gonna wear your new Peckham Rye? Fleas and Itches. Any chance of a Zig and Zag?

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