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Have a look in the Lightning Ridge. Lovely jubbly! Nigel Benn. Viva la France, as they say in Rome. Viva la France, as they say in Rome. All my life people have taken me for a Garden Tool. Peter Pan. Salvation Army. Leave it out, mate. Lovely jubbly! Dead Loss. As the actress said to the bishop. Brian Clough. As the actress said to the bishop. Fruit (Gum). YoYo Ma.

Cheesey Quaver. Zachary Scotts. Bat and ball. I'm all on me Todd. Cushti. 'ave a Lemon Curd with yourself. Gilly Mint. Les Dennis. Four by Two. You know it makes sense. Gawd, Didn't I let this great big Wyatt out. Anyone fancy a Bruce. Jack and Jill. You want to come around to my gaf for a few Jackies tonight? Billie Piper. Taters in the Mould. He who dares, wins!

Ray Mears. Weasel and Stoat. I Suppose. Let's put in our money in the Adam Faith, there's some right dodgy chancers in this hotel. Cushti. Help me move my kangaroo. Donald Trump. Cinderella. Central Heating. You know it makes sense. 'Es gawn down, doin' bird. Any chance of a Zig and Zag? John Dillon. Off for a Jane Fonda on the dancefloor. David Starkey. Sol campbell. He who dares, wins!

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