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Sandra the Cockney Librarian

Alright me old china? Holy Ghost. I'm going down to the beach, lay on me old Simon and catch me some rays. Garden Gate. My Jazz Bands are cold. Myleene Klass. Dont Humphrey the Johhny you muddy boy. Fish 'n' Taters. I only give the John West mate. Sara cox. Just havin' a flick thru me Goldie. bubble gum. Lets Hugo Boss school. Jonathan King. He's Right Said Fred.

Fancy a nice cuppa Molten. Leg of Lamb. We've got to talk a La Mode round by the dustbins. Toblerone. Shut that Ronald de Boer . Horse and Trap. Put a Roof on yer Boat. Tex Ritter. I took me Bag for Life to the Dolly Mixtures. Fergal Sharkeys. What time's the next Daniel Fergus? Cheesey Quaver. Got to go down the dentist to have me 'Ampsteads looked at.

Anyone fancy a Bruce. Bow and Arra. Look at the udders on that Chairman! Apple Bobbing. Go on son, take a Glen. Camel's Hump. Can't come out tonight, I'm Boracic! Brussels Sprout. (In snooker) He's goin' for the Marti! Johhny Cash. Comin down the Wormwood Scrubs? Kirk Stevens. I've got the old Sandy McNabs. Jude Law. I'm busting for a Four by Two. Alan Minter. Can I 'ave a Dicky Bird in your Bottle of Beer?

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