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Sandra the Cockney Librarian

Lend us a Nigel. Hovis. You got that Bill and Benner you owe me? Happy Feed. I'm 'eddin out with me Gareth Gates tonight. Mexican Wave. Want some Joe Blake mate? Tin Tack. I'm on the jam roll. Jonathan Ross'd. U're tellin a Cherry ain't ya son!! Betty Grable. Should we call it a Tony Benner. Plates of Meat. These apples are Bobbins. Rabbit Hutch. Slander and Libel, I don't Adam and Eve it!

He's got a ticket to the dance. Paraffin Oil. Where's that Jim you owe me? Jet Fighter. Have you got that Garden Gate you promised? Mince Pies. Sort me out an Enry. Alan Minter. You gotta turn that James Brown upside down! Aunt Mabel. Going for a Fred. Cheesey Quaver. Yeah, I'll ave a Lambourghini. Matthew Kelly. Lets Hugo Boss school. Cuff Link. I've just bought a pair of Jiminees.

Lend us a Nicker mate. Shabba Ranks. A right good little Anthea Turner. Bunse. Close the bleedin' Rory! Laugh and a Joke. I'll 'ave a pint of Sean Ryder. Hairy Toes. Hey. No sweat, I`m only a Sampa, mate. Jodie Marsh. I'll sort out a few Patsy's mate. Four by Two. Shall we go on the Rubic's? Weasel and Stoat. I caught a right does of the Garys. Rosie Lee.

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