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Sandra the Cockney Librarian

She deserves a slap on the Wrigley's. Hairy Chest. I'm on the old Adrian Mole. Marti Pellow. He getting Brussels Sprout, I'm Borassic. Bottle of Beer. I've paid a lot of Bees Wax this week. Jungle Jim. Go dahn the Frog and Toad and buy me a bag of Happy Hour would'ya? Percy Thrower. I'm busting for a Johnny Cash. Martini. Dont Humphrey the Johhny you muddy boy.

I jumped of the tube and got Cheried. Rory McGrath. I'm clukin for a line of the ol' Lemon. Isle of Skye. He spends a lot of time on the Sportsman's . Bacardi Breezer. I wouldn't buy that car - it looks like a bit of a Naomi Cambell. Ali G. what's on the Matthew Kelly tonight mate? Hollie Reath. We better scapa! Betty Grable. He getting Brussels Sprout, I'm Borassic.

Have you got that Garden Gate you promised? Cooking Fat. Its your Rolls. jam roll. Do you fancy coming back to my French Plait for a bevi? Liz Hurley. I bust an Aristostle over his Jethro. Nick Cotton. You got that Bill and Benner you owe me? Pork Chop. Goin' down the Fat Boy Slim. Lee Van Cleef. Oh, this is doing my Ottis Redding! Brian Clough. Put some Donald on me Baydon.

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