More on Cockney Counting

BlimeyStrewth writes: 1/2 Lamb (and calf) ┬á1 ┬áLost (and won) ┬á2 ┬áBottle (of glue) ┬á3 ┬áHoly (see) ┬á4 ┬áStand (in awe) ┬á5 ┬áScuba (dive) ┬á6 ┬áFiddle (-sticks) ┬á7 ┬áExeter (in devon) ┬á8 ┬áFartoo (late; another explanation is that “far” is supposed to be “four” and “too” is supposed to be two – four times two […]

Cockney counting

Got this email from Chris Hughes about Cockney counting. It’s a new one on me. Anybody else used to use this Cockney counting method for dominoes or any other purpose? Let us know. Chris Hughes writes: I was born in Hammersmith in 1953 and brought up in South London. These are 1 to 10 as […]