Classic Cockney Adverts

Advertisers just love using Cockney accents to flog their gear. Maybe it’s cos the original Cockneys were the market traders, barrow boys and costermongers of the East London marketplace – they had to push their wares or starve! Anyway, whatever the reason, here’s a compilation of our top 10 favourite adverts featuring our beloved Cockney […]

London Voices – Rory McLeod – Singer/Musician

Often we’re asked what the London accent sounds like.┬áWell, it’s a bit daft trying to describe it – it’s better to listen to real people speaking or singing isn’t it? So, we’ve decided to launch a series of articles about real people who speak in a London accent, with posts to videos or recordings of […]

Listen to’s Gordon Smith speak on NPR

Was pleased to be asked to contribute to a programme on the US’s National Public Radio about London life. The piece focussed on the Olympic Games (the Sid James, as they’re being branded by Cockney-loving PR companies on the lookout for an opportunity).

More on Cockney Counting

BlimeyStrewth writes: 1/2 Lamb (and calf) ┬á1 ┬áLost (and won) ┬á2 ┬áBottle (of glue) ┬á3 ┬áHoly (see) ┬á4 ┬áStand (in awe) ┬á5 ┬áScuba (dive) ┬á6 ┬áFiddle (-sticks) ┬á7 ┬áExeter (in devon) ┬á8 ┬áFartoo (late; another explanation is that “far” is supposed to be “four” and “too” is supposed to be two – four times two […]