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Minder – Why is “Slaughter” Slang for Arthur’s “Lockup”?

More questions about slang from the TV series Minder. Why is Arthur’s lockup referred to as a “slaughter”? Slaughter: according to Eric Partridge, a slaughter is “the quiet secluded spot, generally a farm or walled car park, where thieves transfer stolen goods from one vehicle to another, split consignments into easier-handled amounts, display items to […]

Minder slang

As I was sat by the Ave Maria …

Sheila Jones writes: Is there a poem as follows or did my father make it up? (He came down to London from Scotland in the 1920s and was fascinated by and loved the Cockney slang) As I was sat by the Ave Maria Warming my Plates of Meat There came a knock on the Rory […]