Ride the Mail Rail Under London

After a good deal of tarting up, the underground tracks that used to serve the Royal Mail is now open to the public. The Postal Museum allows interested punters to ride on miniature JOHN WAYNES and explore the one hundred-year-old Post Office railway.

Many of the station platforms that you can see have not been changed since the 1930’s, allowing a fun and interesting journey back in HARRY LIME.

An old Royal Mail 'mail rail' carriage

Nope, this one ain’t running on the OXO CUBE

As you crouch in the carriages (the trains were designed for letters, not passengers), you will be passing deep under Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant sorting office. This theatrical and immersive experience means that you’ll be able to hear people RABBITING about what it was like to work on the below-ground railway. Better than the OXO CUBE anyday.