7 responses to “Cockney Football Slang”

  1. Stuie says:

    Bacon Butty = footy

  2. mick haydon says:

    how about ……front wheel skids………yids for spurs supporters

  3. Dave says:

    Regi Blinker = Stinker

  4. Lawrence says:

    Bacon butty -footy? rubbish

    Cockney = London and even if we ever said the word said butty we wouldn’t pronounce it the same as footy, it would be butty like nutty. i’m an eastender albeit I now live in Canada so leave it out you Northern Monkey.

  5. Paul_Hammers_Man says:

    sorry Mate But thats Just Not True..

  6. Kev says:

    Would only make sense if said in a northern accent.

  7. Bangs says:

    I’m a bit confused…is cockney slang aussie slang or british slang ?