Cockney Rhyming Slang Needs Your Help!

Help! We’re easily the most popular and respected Cockney dictionary on the Internet – and that means we get a huge amount of contributions of slang, comments, and emails. We’re drowning! If you have an interest in the Cockney language, have a little bit of spare time, and would be willing to help us out, […]

As I was sat by the Ave Maria …

Sheila Jones writes: Is there a poem as follows or did my father make it up? (He came down to London from Scotland in the 1920s and was fascinated by and loved the Cockney slang) As I was sat by the Ave Maria Warming my Plates of Meat There came a knock on the Rory […]

Cockney counting

Got this email from Chris Hughes about Cockney counting. It’s a new one on me. Anybody else used to use this Cockney counting method for dominoes or any other purpose? Let us know. Chris Hughes writes: I was born in Hammersmith in 1953 and brought up in South London. These are 1 to 10 as […]