Two-Bob Controversy

Recently Mark Stevens of The True Football blog flagged up an interesting usage of the phrase “two-bob”. Apparently Spurs trainer Clive Allen called Arsene Wenger a “two-bob” after refusing to shake his hand. We reckon Allen was using his own shortened version of Two-Bob Bit. What do you think?

Understanding Cockney Rhyming Slang

Mike from the US writes with an interesting question: “I’m an American. I have a Master’s Degree. I speak 2 other languages besides English and I still have to watch Guy Ritchie and some other English movies with subtitles. Do people who use the Cockney rhyming slang all use the same celebrities’ names? Otherwise, do […]

More on Cockney Counting

BlimeyStrewth writes: 1/2 Lamb (and calf) ┬á1 ┬áLost (and won) ┬á2 ┬áBottle (of glue) ┬á3 ┬áHoly (see) ┬á4 ┬áStand (in awe) ┬á5 ┬áScuba (dive) ┬á6 ┬áFiddle (-sticks) ┬á7 ┬áExeter (in devon) ┬á8 ┬áFartoo (late; another explanation is that “far” is supposed to be “four” and “too” is supposed to be two – four times two […]

Bristol Cities – why Bristol?

Les Williams writes: “Why Bristols (city)and not London or Cardiff eg Perhaps Bristol planes?” Good question! The slang is Bristol Cities, and this comes from the football team. I’m talking about Bristol City here, not Bristol Rovers, right? That’s the main reason. Also there is a theory that it caught on because “Bristol” and “Breast” […]