London Nude Bike Ride

Let your DERBY KELLY hang out this Saturday┬áin London’s┬á13th annual naked bike ride through our nation’s capital! Officially the World Naked Bike Ride (London) is a protest against car culture and oil dependency, but it’s also a chance to promote┬ápositive body image. If you want to join in with the ride, all you need to […]

You What? He’s Ukrainian

Michael canÔÇÖt claim to be the worldÔÇÖs first Ukrainian Cockney as people of his ilk have been milling around the area for donkeys years. But heÔÇÖs proud to have been born with his bottle of cola (bowler) within the sound of Bow Bells. You What? HeÔÇÖs Ukrainian ÔÇô a one man show by freelance journalist […]