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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter H

Housemaid's Knee More about Housemaid Sea

Housewives' Choice More about Housewives Voice
'I've had this cold three days, and now I've lost me Housewives' Choice'

Hovis More about Hovis Dead (from Brown Bread = Dead)
'He's Hovis mate, Brown Bread'

How d'ya Likey More about How d Pikey

How's Your Father? More about How Lather

Huckleberry Finn More about Huckleberry Finn Pin
'There are ten Huckleberry Finns per frame.'

Hugo Boss More about Hugo Boss Doss
'Lets Hugo Boss school.'

Hurricane Lamp More about Hurricane Lamp Tramp
'Yesterday I saw a Hurricane Lamp.'

Hyper More about Hyper Billie Piper
'You're getting a bit Billie Piper'

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  • Tweet VERA LYNN means CHIN #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet BEGGAR MY NEIGHBOUR means ON THE LABOUR (LABOUR EXCHANGE) #cockney #london #slang
  • Tweet LEMON SQUASH means WASH #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet NATIVE NEW YORKER means PORKER #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet VAUXHALL NOVAS means JEHOVAS (WITNESSES) #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet JIMINEE CRICKET means TICKET #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang

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