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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter F

Fine and Dandy More about Fine and Dandy Brandy

Finger and Thumb More about Finger and Thumb

Finger and Thumb More about Finger and Thumb
'My Finger and Thumb's furious with me. '

Finsbury Park More about Finsbury Park Mark

Fireman's Hose More about Fireman Nose
'Barry Manilow has a massive Fireman's.'

Fish and Chips More about Fish and Chips Hips
'Move those Fish and Chips darling.'

Fish Hook More about Fish Hook Book

Fish 'n' Taters More about Fish Laters
'See's you fish 'n' taters mate'

Fish tank More about Fish tank Bank

Fisherman's Daughter More about Fisherman Water

Fishing Rod More about Fishing Rod PC Plod (policeman)
'Watch out theres a Fishin' Rod over there.'

Five to Four More about Five to Four Sure
'You want £1000 for this car? Are you Five to Four mate?'

Five To Two More about Five To Two Jew

Fleas and Itches More about Fleas and Itches Pictures
'I'm off to the Fleas and Itches.'

Fleetwood Mac More about Fleetwood Mac Back

Flight Lieutenant Biggles More about Flight Lieutenant Biggles Giggles

Flounder & Dab More about Flounder & Dab Cab
'Grab a swift Flounder accross town.'

Flowery Dell More about Flowery Dell Cell (prison)

Fluffy Bunny More about Fluffy Bunny Money
'Look at all that Fluffy Bunny.'

Fly-By-Nights More about Fly-By-Nights Tights

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