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English to Slang letter S

Slash Arthur Ash
'Going for a quick Arthur'

Slash Pie and Mash
'Gotta take a Pie and Mash'

Slash Leslie Ash

Slash (urinate) Lemon and Dash

Slash (urinate) Johnny Cash
'I'm busting for a Johnny Cash'

Slash (urinate) Johnny Cash

Slash (urinate) Mark Ramprakash

Slash (urinate) Pat Cash
'Just goin' for a pat cash'

Slash (urinate) Sausage and Mash
'Just going for sausage and mash'

Slash (Urinate) Alex Nash

Slash (urinate) Barry Nash
'I'm going to burst if I don't go for a Barry…'

Slash (urinate) Bangers and Mash

Slash (urinate) Charlie Nash

Slash (urinate) Frazer Nash

Slash (urinate) Eye Lash
'Rack 'em up again, I'm just off for an Eye Lash.'

Slash; to urinate Stock Market Crash
'Excuse me while I nip off for a quick Stock Market'

Slaughtered Son and Daughter'd

Sleep Sooty And Sweep
'I could do with some Soot.'

Sleep Bo-Peep

Sleep Bo Peep

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