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English to Slang letter H

Harsh Kym Marsh
'That's a bit Kym Marsh'

Harsh Jodie Marsh
'Thats a bit jodie marsh mate!'

Hash -(Cannabis) Johhny Cash
'Dont Humphrey the Johhny you muddy boy'

Hat Tit For Tat
'Bit parky outside - best put on me Titfer.'

Hat (tit for tat) Titfer
'Put on yer Titfer and let's go for a Ball of Chalk.'

Hazy Riccardo Patrese
'Last night is Riccardo Patrese'

Head Uncle Ned

Head Loaf of Bread
'Use yer Loaf!'

Head Lump of Lead
'Use yer lump!'

Head Blood Red

Head Crust of Bread

Head in Otis Redding
'Oh, this is doing my Ottis Redding!'

Heart Raspberry Tart

Heart Jam Tart

Heart Strawberry Tart
'My strawberry only beats for you, treacle'

Heart Horse and Cart

Heater Blue Peter
'Turn on the Blue Peter.'

Hell Ding Dong Bell

Hell Gypsy Nell

Hell Jimmy Nail

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