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English to Slang letter F

Flower Early Hour

Flowers Early Hours

Flowers April Showers

Flu Alan Pardew
'I've got a bad case of the alan!'

Flush Snow and Slush

Fly Steak and Kidney Pie

Flying Squad Sweeney Todd

Food In the Nude

Fool Garden Tool
'All my life people have taken me for a Garden Tool.'

Fork Duke of York

Fork Roast Pork

Four of a Kind Cheese Rind

Freak Ancient Greek
'This geezer, he's a right Ancient Greek.'

Freezer Bacardi Breezer
'I'll just stick it in the Bacardi.'

Frenchies (people from France) Park Benches
'There's a load of park benches over there.'

Fridge Lightning Ridge
'Have a look in the Lightning Ridge.'

Fridge Stamford Bridge
'Get us a beer out the Stamford.'

Frown James Brown
'You gotta turn that James Brown upside down!'

Frown Barry Brown
'Stop Barry Brownin''

Fruit of the Loom Mop and Broom
'Get yer mops on'

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