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English to Slang letter F

First (especially as in degree result) Geoff Hurst

Fish Lilian Gish

Fist Oliver Twist

Fist (Duke of York = Fork = Fist) Duke of York
'Put your Dukes up'

Fit Brad Pitt
'Cor, shes Brad Pitt.'

Five Jack's Alive

Fiver Minnie Driver
'He owes me a Minnie.'

Fiver Pam Shriver

Fiver (five pounds) Sky Diver

Fix Two and Six
'I'm in a right Two and Six.'

Fix Hans Blix
'I'm in a bit of a Hans.'

Flaps Bacon Baps

Flares (wide bottom trousers) Lionel Blaire

Flash Harry Dash
'Don't get Harry Dash son!'

Flash Harry Dash

Flat French Plait
'Do you fancy coming back to my French Plait for a bevi?'

Flea Jenny Lee

Flicks Stevie Nicks
'What's on a the Stevie this week?'

Flies Morecombe & Wise

Floor Rory O'Moore

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