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English to Slang letter F

Fat (from the children's TV programme) Postman Pat
'You're a bit Postman '

Favour Cheesey Quaver
'Do us a cheesey quaver.'

Favour Cheesey Quaver
'Mate, can you do me a Cheesey Quaver?'

Fax Nails and Tacks

Feel Orange Peel

Feel Jellied Eel

Feet Plates of Meat
'Me Plates are killin' me!'

Fever Robinson and Cleaver

Fib Maurice Gibb
'Oi, you tellin' a Maurice?'

Fifty Nifty

Fighter Typewriter

Fine (as in nice body!) Calvin Klein
'Oi Oi you're Clvin Kein!'

Finger Mal Meninga

Fingers Longers and Lingers

Fingers Melody Lingers
'I had to give up the violin; my Melodies were too short.'

Fingers Bell Ringers

Fire Ave Maria

Fire Jeremiah

Fire Obediah

First (class degree) Damien Hirst
'I've only gone and got a bloody Damien Hirst!'

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