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English to Slang letter D

Dole Billy Joel
'That guy's on the Billy Joel'

Dole jam roll
'He's on the Jam Roll'

Dole Old King Cole
'He's on the Old King Cole'

Dole George Cole

Dole Rock and Roll
'Lost me job, now I'm back on the Rock'n'Roll.'

Dole (welfare) Sausage Roll

Dole (welfare) Nat King Cole

Dole (welfare) Jam Roll
'I'm on the jam roll'

Dollar Oxford Scholar

Doner Kebabs Crabs
'That old brass gave me the Doner Kebabs.'

Door Bobby Moore

Door Henry Moore

Door Roger Moore
'Shut that bleedin' Roger Moore'

door Ronald de Boer
'Shut that Ronald de Boer '

Door Rory O'Moore
'Close the bleedin' Rory!'

Door Rory O'More

Dope Slippery Slope
'I'm gonna get on the Slippery Slope....'

Dope Bob Hope

Dose Half A Gross

Doss Hugo Boss
'Lets Hugo Boss school.'

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