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English to Slang letter B

Bread Right Said Fred
'I'll have two slices of Right Said Fred.'

Bread Uncle Fred

Bread and dripping Doctor Crippen

Breasts Georgie Bests

Breath King Death

Breath Life and Death
'Ooh, that hill! I'm almost out of Life and Death'

Broke (financially bereft) Hearts of Oak

Broke (financially bereft) Coals and Coke

Brokers Engineers and Stokers

Brother Manhole Cover

Brother One and t'Other

Bruise Tom cruise
'Hell of a Tom Cruise you got there. '

Brush Ian Rush

Bucket Mrs Duckett

Bum Queen Mum

Bum Kingdom Come

Bum Fife and Drum

Bum Deaf and Dumb

Bum Bottle of Rum
'Nice Bottle Of Rum.'

Bum Wrigley's Gum
'She deserves a slap on the Wrigley's'

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  • Tweet PENELOPE CRUZ means BOOZE #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet ARTHUR SCARGILL means GARGLE (DRINK) #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet TWO-THIRTY means DIRTY #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet INSECTS AND ANTS means PANTS #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet GANG AND MOB means GOB (MOUTH) #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet CAPE OF GOOD HOPE means SOAP #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang

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