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English to Slang letter B

Boozer (pub) All Time Loser

Boozer (pub) Perpetual (Loser)
'Oh gawd 'e's a right perpetual loser'

Boss Pitch and Toss

Boss Dead Loss
'My Dead Loss is threatening me with the Tin Tack'

Bottle Aristotle

Bottle Jerry Cottle

Bouncing Cheque (Bouncing Gregory Peck) Rubber Gregory

Bowler Bottle of Cola

Box Darky Cox

Boy Rob Roy

Boy San Toy

Bra Tung Chee Hwa

Bra Master Mcgrath

Braces Airs and Graces

Brain Watch and Chain
'Don't mind 'im, 'is watch is a bit slow'

Brains Down the Drains

Brake Veronica Lake
'Hit the Veronica, you slag !'

Brandy Fine and Dandy

Brandy Andy Pandy
'We drank 4 bottles of Andy Pandy in the bar.'

Brandy Jack the Dandy

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