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English to Slang letter B

Bible Slander and Libel
'Slander and Libel, I don't Adam and Eve it!'

Biggun Barry McGuigan

Biggun Barry McGuigan
'Don't give it the Barry McQuigan'

Bigot Lester Piggot

Bike Clever Mike

Bike. Alibi Ike was a movie star. Alibi Ike

Bill Muswell Hill
'Can I get the Muswell mate.'

Bill (statement) Jimmy Hill

Bill (statement) Jack and Jill

Bill (statement) Beecham's Pill

Billie Piper Hyper
'You're getting a bit Billie Piper'

Bint Gilly Mint
'You silly Gilly Mint.'

Bint Polo Mint

Bird Richard the Third

Bird Shaken Not Stirred
'Have a butchers at that shaken not stirred'

Bird (Lime) Prison Time
''Es gawn down, doin' bird'

Bitter (beer) Gary Glitter

Bitter (beer) Apple Fritter
'Pint of apple fritter darlin'.'

Bitter beer. Tex Ritter
'I'll have a pint of Tex'

Blade Shovel and Spade
'Got a spare Shovel? Gotta 'ave a Dig.'

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  • Tweet TWO-THIRTY means DIRTY #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
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