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English to Slang letter B

Belch Raquel Welch

Believe Christmas Eve

Believe Adam and Eve
'Can you Adam and Eve it?'

Bell Auntie Nell
'Give us an Auntie Nell tomorra morning.'

Bell Hair Gel

Belly New Delhi

Belly Matthew Kelly
'"I've got a bit of Shania in me Matthew Kelly"'

Belly Auntie Nellie

Belly Derby Kelly

Bench Judy Dench
'Emile Hesky should stay on the Judy'

Bent Duke of Kent
'He's a Duke '

Bent Clark Kent
'He's a bit Clarke Kent'

Bent Behind With the Rent
'He's definately Behind with the Rent.'

Bent (criminal) Stoke On Trent

Bent (homosexual) Fifty Cent
'Your mate is fifty cent'

Best Mae West

Bet Jumbo Jet

Bet House To Let

Beverage Edna Everage

Bevvy (drink) Don Revie
'Are we going for a couple of Don Revies tonight'

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