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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter W

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Wallace and Grommit More about Wallace and Grommit Vomit

Wally Grout More about Wally Grout Shout (round)

Walnut Whip More about Walnut Whip Trip (acid / ecstasy)

Walter (Mitty) More about Walter (Mitty) Kitty (in the pub)
'Who's got the Walter?'

Watch and Chain More about Watch and Chain Brain
'Don't mind 'im, 'is watch is a bit slow'

Wayne Rooney More about Wayne Rooney Looney
'Don't go near that Geezer, he's a bit of a Wayne Rooney'

Weasel and Stoat More about Weasel and Stoat Coat
'Cor it's taters, I must get me weasel!'

Weaver's Chair More about Weaver Prayer
'You 'aven't got a weavers!'

Weeping Willow More about Weeping Willow Pillow

West Ham Reserves More about West Ham Reserves Nerves

Westminster Abbey More about Westminster Abbey Shabby

Weston-Super-Mare More about Weston-Super-Mare Nightmare
'It was a right Weston-super-Mare I can tell you!'

Wet and Wild More about Wet and Wild Child
'She's popped a wet and wild.'

Wet 'n' Damp More about Wet Tramp
'He's a bit of a wet n' damp?'

Wet 'n' Wild More about Wet Styled
'I've had my hair wet 'n' wild'

Whiskey and Soda More about Whiskey and Soda

Whiskey and Soda More about Whiskey and Soda
Voda (mobile phone)

Whistle and Flute More about Whistle and Flute Suit
'Nice new Whistle, mate!'

White Mice More about White Mice Ice

Willy Wonka More about Willy Wonka Plonker

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