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English to Slang letter N

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Nails Monkey's Tails

Nasty Cornish Pasty
'That's a bit Cornish Pasty aint it?'

Navy Soup and Gravy

Navy Peas and Gravy

Neck Jeff Beck

Neck Bushel and Peck
'Don't forget to wash your Bushel'

Neck Gregory Peck
'Gerrit down yer Gregory!'

Needle Jeremy Beadle
'He's got the right Jeremy.'

Nerves West Ham Reserves

Nervous Peter Purvis
'I am a bit Peter Pervis about my exam'

News Jelly Roll Blues

News Wooden Pews
'Did you see the wooden pews last night?'

Nice Katie Price
'She's looking a bit Katie Price.'

Nice Obie Trice

Nice Chicken and Rice

Nice Cream Rice
'That was cream rice!'

Nice Cup of tea, sausage and a slice.
'He's a real cuppa geezer.'

Nick (prison) Shovel and Pick

Nightmare Weston-Super-Mare
'It was a right Weston-super-Mare I can tell you!'

Nightmare Tony Blair
'My boss is a total Tony Blair!'

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