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English to Slang letter K

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Kebab Andy McNab

Keek Mozambique

Keen James Dean
'You're a bit James Dean in't ya?'

Kettle Stinging Nettle
'Put the stinger on'

Kettle Hansel and Gretel
'Stick the Hansel on, love, I'm gasping.'

Key Bruce Lee
'Where's me Bruce Lee's?'

Keys Cheddar Cheese
''Ave ya got ya Cheddars?'

Keys Honey Bees
'Where's the hell are me honeys?'

Keys Dancing Fleas

Keys Mushy Peas
'Ohl Barry White,I've forgotten me Mushy Peas.'

Keys Knobbly Knees

Keys Macaroni Cheese
'Have you seen me Macaronis?'

Khazi Ille Nasatse
'Oi mate, where's your Ille?'

Kick off Paul Dickov

Kid Saucepan Lid

Kid Teapot Lid

Kid Dustbin Lid

Kid God Forbid

Kids Bin Lids

Kids Tin Lids

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