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English to Slang letter F

Face Bib and Brace
'Shut your Bib and Brace.'

Face Boat Race
'Shut yer bloomin' boat!'

Face Chevy Chase
''E's got ketchup all over 'is Chevy Chase'

Face Hale and Pace
'What's wrong with your Hale and Pace?'

Face Ricky Gervais
'The geezer had claret all over his Ricky'

Face (Brendan Grace was an Irish comedian) Brendan Grace
'Don't forget to wash your Brendan Grace'

Fag Oily Rag

Fake Ricki Lake

Fake Sexton Blake

Farahs (trousers) Bows and Arrows
'Put on me bows and arrers'

Fare Grey Mare

Farmer Arnold Palmer

Fart False Start
'Mate, I just False Started.'

Fart Cupid's Dart
'Oops, I just let out a little Cupid's Dart'

Fart Raspberry Tart

Fart Horse and Cart

Fart Horse and Cart
'Ooof wot a horse mate'

Fart Jam Tart
'Cor that Jam stinks.'

Fart Joe Hart

Fart ('Orse and Cart) Orson

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