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English to Slang letter D

Daft Fore and Aft

Dance Jack Palance

Dandy Andy Pandy
'He's a bit of an Andy!'

Danger Stewart Granger
'Any Stewart of getting served?'

Dark Gorky Park

Darlin' Barney Marlin

Darlin' Briney Marlin

Darts Martial Arts

Daughter Bottle of Porter

Daughter Bricks and Mortar

Daughter Bucket of Water
'I've just seen my Bucket on London Bridge'

Dead Brown Bread

Dead Father Ted

Dead Right Said Fred
'He's Right Said Fred.'

Dead (from Brown Bread = Dead) Hovis
'He's Hovis mate, Brown Bread'

Deaf Mutt and Jeff
'You'll have to speak up, 'e's a bit Mutton'

Deal Jellied Eel
'I'll give ya a great jelly on it'

Deef (Deaf) Corned Beef
'Och, are ye Corned Beef or something?'

Denial River Nile
'She's definitely in the River Nile'

Dense Garden Fence
'He is such a garden fence.'

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