4 responses to “Why is “Kite” slang for cheque?”

  1. Dominic Adams says:

    This is not quite the definition I know…When banks first started issuing [b]personal[/b] cheques, the only individuals who owned chequing accounts were ‘High Flyers’, hence ‘Kites’. This term [b]is[/b] still in use, but not just in banking circles. As a [i]South[/i] Londoner, I can tell you it features quite regularly in every day language.

  2. martin says:

    my understanding is that bad cheques "bounce" and they can bounce as high as a kite hence the expression

  3. Daredorm says:

    Correct, it is indeed still used in the UK banking system to this day. I remember feeling lost when I started my banking career in the sea of terminology used. Boy that was a long time ago, don’t get me started…

  4. lamont says:

    The term check kiteing is also used in the United States for passing bad checks.