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CavStock - London's New Boutique Music Festival

CavStock Music Festival

CavStock is a brand new "boutique" (that means small to you and me) music festival that's taking place in the heart of South West London's Stockwell.

It's going to be an amazing weekend of great music, sunshine (we hope!), beer, and food.

Saturday will be all about eclectic but popular acts playing everthing from rock, blues, folk, punk, country and indie. Some of SW's favourite acts will be on stage.

Sunday is all about celebrating London's burgeoning folk/celt/punk/rock/gypsy scene. We have five main players who represent the very best in Gypsy/Balkan Rock, Celt-Punk, Alt-Folk, Rap-n-Roll. It's gonna be lively, up-tempo, all-dancing, all-singing day of energetic fun.

Tickets for either day are on sale now and all tickets are £10 or less.

Buy tickets online here.

Cockney Rhyming Slang is proud to be involved in this new musical feast.

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