Cockney Nicknames

Roberta writes:

“This is a great dictionary and web site !

In the old days Cockneys – at least my Victorian Cockney ancestors- were all known by a nickname . My great uncles for example were known as Speck ,Missel and Banger . I was dubbed Topsy by my grandfather when I was born, and he always used it. I was told this was to protect Cockneys from the Law should they be in trouble . Anyone else known by such an alias ??

Roberta ( aka Topsy !)”



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  1. Joe Wild says:

    Me grandad came from within the sound of the bells. And he had a nickname ”schooch” and his dad was called ”darkie” cuz he served in india for so long!

  2. john thompson says:

    Nicknames often originated in my family circle from a personal trait or association with an occupation , For example/
    Cokey Bill …. a Coalmerchant
    Billy the Fib …. as a result of tall tales
    Freddy the Spiv …. a black marketeer.

  3. ITCSales says:

    My dad used to call me as a "nocturnal slacker" Umm… well, could be. However, that’s really not the origin of the nickname. The “nocturnal” part of my nickname is due to the fact that I actually am a serious night owl.

  4. Why did he nickname you topsy? Bright red hair or something like that? LOL

  5. Jasmine Mrson from england says:

    I did’nt know what cockney rhyming slang was at first but because he came from london he tought me. I laughed and laughed at first and I still do a little because I had a sports day comin up and we had winners and my dad said " I dare you to shout out im a chicken dinner" so I laughed thinking was he series and he was but our team didnt come first so I did’nt. so yeah.

  6. Metal says:

    Yeah my ancestors too.
    My haunt was name was "Larry", but the real name wasn’t larry it was "harnold". sorry for english i’m french.

  7. Well, when I was a young nipper / whipper-snapper, my uncle nick-named me ham and cheese.

    Why? Because I was a verrrry fussy eater* when I was a baby.

    Of course, the fact is I’ll eat anything now I’ve grown up!

    [i]* Ham and cheese = hard to please![/i]

  8. Ben says:

    Cockney means London accent right?

  9. mark says:

    Don’t get lemon … and don’t be a hampton 🙂

  10. Telboy says:

    In a nutshell, not really an accent, a cockney is typically a white working class East London male, who is abit of a character and replaces everyday words with rhyming slang.

  11. Toni says:

    my family are all cockneys, includin me nd we don’t always use the rhyming slang, sometimes we do but it’s not in every sentence, a cockney is someone who’s family ave grown up in the eastend and have the accent where not all letters and words are pronounced properly and we’re not all workin class males 🙂

    Thanks for all this information btw 🙂

  12. keepinguptheday says:

    Nicknames like that are also common in East Anglia, like Tuddy, Dusso, Teapot etc.