Listen to’s Gordon Smith speak on NPR

Was pleased to be asked to contribute to a programme on the US’s National Public Radio about London life. The piece focussed on the Olympic Games (the Sid James, as they’re being branded by Cockney-loving PR companies on the lookout for an opportunity).

The Cockney Bible

Just sharing this great skit wherein the Archbishop of Canterbury endorses a Cockney version of the Bible. Here’s the Lord’s Prayer in Cockney! The Lords Prayer in Cockney! Hello Dad Up there in good ol’ heaven Your name is well great and holy and we respect you guv! We hope we can all have a […]

Minder – Why is “Slaughter” Slang for Arthur’s “Lockup”?

More questions about slang from the TV series Minder. Why is Arthur’s lockup referred to as a “slaughter”? Slaughter: according to Eric Partridge, a slaughter is “the quiet secluded spot, generally a farm or walled car park, where thieves transfer stolen goods from one vehicle to another, split consignments into easier-handled amounts, display items to […]

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