A Cockney Jackanory

He came down the apples wearing his old westminster whistle and put on his titfer . He couldn’t go┬áout with his barnet all over his boat. He was supposed to sausage a goose‘s for some bees for the┬átrouble, but he was boracic, being on the rock and roll after getting the tin tack. He half […]

A Tea Leaf’s Jackanory

A Right Tea Leaf Your Cockney translation skills will be tested to the limit with this one! I Lend this short jackanory your ten speeds and time That life for a tea leafÔÇÖs not lemon, youÔÇÖll find IÔÇÖve done bird in the bucket ÔÇô the price to get scratch ÔÇÿcos me income and lifestyle were […]

London Voices – Rory McLeod – Singer/Musician

Often we’re asked what the London accent sounds like.┬áWell, it’s a bit daft trying to describe it – it’s better to listen to real people speaking or singing isn’t it? So, we’ve decided to launch a series of articles about real people who speak in a London accent, with posts to videos or recordings of […]

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