Cockney Accent Fun

My name is Jade Joddle (left side of the video) and I grew up in Elephant and Castle, ‘Saaf Lahndan’. People are often surprised to find out about my origins because I do not speak with a Cockney accent anymore. However, I can easily switch into the Cockney accent because my family are born and […]

Classic Cockney Adverts

Advertisers just love using Cockney accents to flog their gear. Maybe it’s cos the original Cockneys were the market traders, barrow boys and costermongers of the East London marketplace – they had to push their wares or starve! Anyway, whatever the reason, here’s a compilation of our top 10 favourite adverts featuring our beloved Cockney […]

Tribal punk cockney jazz soul poetry, yeah!

Alright good people. Do you want to hear a 10 minute slice of tribal-punk-cockney-jazz-soul-poetry, including four wicked spoken dialogues in the Cockney lingo? Course you do! Head on over to where you can hear it. It stars trumpeter Andie Handei Kumafaro and it’ll be a treat for all fans of CRASS because it features ex-members Penny […]

Cockney Accent is ‘Sexiest’

It’s official me old mates. The Cockney accent (as if we needed tellin’) is one of the sexiest accents there is. On men, anyway. A recent survey found the most sexiest accents are: Sexiest British accents for men: Irish Scottish West Country Cockney Oxford / Posh But unfortunately for the Twist and Twirls, a Cockney […]

Make Sure Your Kid is Born a Cockney

The Bow Bells The sound of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow church, Cheapside, have been heard across London since medieval times. The church was built in 1080 and has been rebuilt several times, including by Sir Christopher Wren who rebuilt the church after being completely destroyed in the Great Fire of London. The church was […]

London Voices – Rory McLeod – Singer/Musician

Often we’re asked what the London accent sounds like. Well, it’s a bit daft trying to describe it – it’s better to listen to real people speaking or singing isn’t it? So, we’ve decided to launch a series of articles about real people who speak in a London accent, with posts to videos or recordings of […]

You Speak Cockney Slang – But You Don’t Even Know It

Top ten rhyming slang you probablyuse but didn’t even know it Boracic Boracic Lint Skint Daffy Daffadown Dilly Silly Porkies Porkie Pies Lies Loaf Loaf of Bread Head Plonk Plinkety Plonk vin Blanc (Wine) Todd Todd Sloane Alone Aris Aristotle Arse Donkey’s Ears Donkey’s Ears Years Syrup Syrup of Figs Wig Bristols Bristol Cities Titties […]