Bristol Cities – why Bristol?

Les Williams writes:

Why Bristols (city)and not London or Cardiff eg Perhaps Bristol planes?”

Good question!

The slang is Bristol Cities, and this comes from the football team. I’m talking about Bristol City here, not Bristol Rovers, right? That’s the main reason.

Also there is a theory that it caught on because “Bristol” and “Breast” are alliterative, as opposed to eg “Leicester City”. Wouldn’t be quite the same really would it?



10 responses to “Bristol Cities – why Bristol?”

  1. harry says:

    A good try; maybe a palpable hit! A couple of years or so ago, the Bristol Car Club(?) were reported in the local press as having had a good day while their WAGs polished their Bristols. So I was told, anyway. A 404 is certainly well worth polishing…..

  2. Bazzer says:

    Bristol cars and bombers had oversized features resembling norks, hence Bristol Cities….

  3. dave bratton says:

    Ship shape and bristol fashion. Ships from bristol were very neat. May have something to do with it.

  4. Spike Marlin says:

    when you pass a good looking girl on the street the cockney phrase would be look at the "Britols on that" ie titties, re Bristol titties.

  5. Well done and keep this up!

  6. phil says:

    I prefer the term ‘thrupny bits’
    coming from the old currency of the UK a three penny bit
    the little browner bits on the end being called raspberry ripples

  7. DaveD says:

    Actually, the slang "Bristols" comes from "Bristol City" which rhymes with "titty". Source? A Londoner born within the sounds of Bow Bells.

  8. jack bennett says:

    bristol citys = tities

  9. chaz says:

    yes it rhymes, but bristol also used to have a reputation for having a population of large breasted women which dates back from the thousands of prostitutes working in the 19th century when the city was a major port. You still hear the phrase occasionally in Bristol "Bristol city where the girls have big tities". That is why its bristols rather than any other city.

  10. Nigel No Friends says:

    WHAT?! Are you fucking twelve years old or summink? Tits have been called Bristols since well before the term WAGs was coined you imbecile. Bristol Cities, rhyming slang for Titties. Bristol Cities just got shortened to Bristols.