As I was sat by the Ave Maria …

Sheila Jones writes:

Is there a poem as follows or did my father make it up? (He came down to London from Scotland in the 1920s and was fascinated by and loved the Cockney slang)

As I was sat by the Ave Maria

Warming my Plates of Meat

There came a knock on the Rory O’Moore

That made my Raspberry beat

Can’t find it via Google!



3 responses to “As I was sat by the Ave Maria …”

  1. Brian Glover says:

    The version I know is:

    I was sitting in front of the Jeremiah,
    a-warming me plates of meat,
    when there came a knock at the Rory O’Moore,
    that made me raspberry tart beat.

    I opens the Rory and there stands,
    me one an ‘tother called Ted,
    ‘E says “I’m back from Australia”,
    I says “I thought you was brown bread!”

    ‘E looked at me with his one mince pie,
    his Jem Mace had an evil grin,
    I thought to meself “He’s elephants trunk”,
    I don’t dare let him in.

    “It’s Ted or his pillar and post” I cried,
    in a proper two and eight,
    so I slammed the Rory O’Moore in his Jem,
    and left im to his fate.

  2. Lee Messenger says:

    Ave Maria(h)+ Fire

    Rory O’More + Door or Floor

    Raspberry Tart + Heart

    Hope that helps, me old china :))

  3. HiI have always been fascinated by Cockney slang. This site has really been an education. My Grandad was born within the sound of Bow Bells and continuously spoke cockney.